Grocerism Varicose Veins Cream 1.76 fl oz || Suitable for Spider Veins, Improve Blood Circulation, Strengthen Capillary Tired and Heavy Legs Fast Relief

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  • Function】Our varicose cream helps on the unhealth of varicose veins and mainly works on blood circulation improvement, moisturizing skin, and pressure relieves on legs.
  • Essence of the activity】The pomegranate seeds is extracted by cold pressing to obtain the soul component of pomegranate polyphenols and their extracts, which strengthen the capillary wall and help restore skin elasticity.
  • Instructions】Rinse your leg with warm water; Apply an appropriate amount; Massage for absorption; Apply 1-2 times a day. It works better with varicose vein elastic stockings.
  • Non Side Effects】Our products are safe and gentle for all skin types. Suitable for long time standing or sit down, long-term wear high heels people.
  • Precautions】For external use only. It is forbidden for pregnant women and breastfeeding women, keep out of children’s reach.

11 reviews for Grocerism Varicose Veins Cream 1.76 fl oz || Suitable for Spider Veins, Improve Blood Circulation, Strengthen Capillary Tired and Heavy Legs Fast Relief

  1. John J. Ketterer

    It actually works very well. After about 3 treatments my spider veins in my ankle area are almost gone.

  2. Lolly Lee

    In Two week!

    Yes in Two week using the cream twice a day as directed there is a noticeable decrease in my varicose veins. Both my wife and I are using it and she has seen a huge improvement on her legs as well. I highly Recommend this product.

  3. Marilia Souza

    Unbelievable that a lotion can make such a difference
    I was not sure that a lotion would really help get rid of spider veins. However!!!! My legs look so much better now!
    All of the spider veins are not gone but there is a huge improvement in how my legs look.


    I am a huge fan of this cream since it really does lighten up my spider and varicose veins.
    Results were noted in approximately seven to ten days and the veins kept getting lighter to the point of being barely visible.
    No this cream did not make my veins disappear totally but it did provide enough lightening that they are not glaringly obvious.
    FYI you really have to rub it in with firm pressure to achieve results.

  5. turkey man

    This cream has a smooth consistency. I have been using it for a month and have noticed my veins that were basically popping out of my leg are now much smaller.
    It does not great rid of them completely but does help minimize them

  6. Denise L. Mcnelly

    Excellent Vein Care Product!
    I’m very pleased with Advanced Clinicals Vein Care lotion. It is the best I’ve found so far for treating spider veins, and improving circulation in the legs. Also very good at smoothing, and moisturizing the skin. And like that you get so much product for such a good price. Would highly recommend this product.

  7. joy gabby

    A staple in my beauty routine!!!!
    This works great on ALL types of veins even bruises.
    I have Hashimoto’s & easily get bruised along with broken capillaries in my legs.
    This works beautifully on all of that. I’ll even put compression socks on over this to help with any swelling or just to make sure this soaks in well.
    I’ll definitely keep getting this.

  8. Linda s

    Works !!
    Been using this product for almost a month and can see a difference in my legs , also has a great mild sent Thank you .

  9. Roselinda limas

    Vein Care cream has helped me with leg pain.
    I found this product quite by accident. I tried it and found it was helpful. Have been using it for about 6 weeks.
    Hope it continues to help. I cancelled my scheduled vein surgery and hope not to have to re-schedule i

  10. Michael C.

    To be honest I think the cream is helping reduce the look of my spider veins and have only been using a short time….plus the price is reasonable

  11. Janet Hull

    It’s not surgery or a medical treamtment. But if you have minor problem with veins popping up like I do, this cream does make a noticeable difference. The little vein on my shin is laying flatter and hardly noticeable anymore. Highly recommend this product.

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