Hair Removal Cream, Painless Natural Depilatory Cream for Men and Women, Non-Irritating for Sensitive Skin. For Bikini and Intimate Area, Genitals, Arms, Legs, Underarms, Chest, 5.07 fl oz

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  • Fast and Effective 】Grocerism Hair Removal Cream for Men and Women can quickly, mildly and effectively remove body hair. Specially designed for coarse body hair. Make hair fall out painlessly, effectively inhibits hair regrowth, and firming hair follicles. After used, skin is particularly smooth and delicate. 
  • Natural and Safe】Gentle formula with natural ingredients extracted from Phaseolus Radiatus Seed is safe and moisturizing skin with no irritation and burning. Best for sensitive skin.
  • Skin Test before Application】Perform a skin test behind the ear or on the wrist. If there is no allergy or itch occur after 5-10 mins, hair removal cream can be used on the depilatory area normally. Suitable for bikini hair remval, pubic hair removal, Genitals, arms, legs, underarms, chest, ball, butt, private parts and all skin types.
  • Easy to use】It is easy to use as the adoption of a pump-style bottle. Portable size design for traveling and outgoing. Apply 5-10 mins before shower is recommended.
  • Cautions】Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact, flush eyes with plenty of water. Keep reach out of children. Avoid direct sunlight and tighten the cap after application. Do not use on varicose veins, scars, moles, spotty, broken, irritated, sunburnt skin, or skin that had an adverse reaction to hair removal creams in the past.



11 reviews for Hair Removal Cream, Painless Natural Depilatory Cream for Men and Women, Non-Irritating for Sensitive Skin. For Bikini and Intimate Area, Genitals, Arms, Legs, Underarms, Chest, 5.07 fl oz

  1. Ashley

    This stuff is AWESOME! Like everyone else, i hate waxing & shaving irritates my skin so much.
    Fogured i would try this bc it had good reviews when googling best bikini hair removal cream.
    Im extremely impressed.
    I did the first 5 minutes and checked; the hair looked like it had taken off the ends but not the root yet so i left it on for the full 10 minutes.
    After wiping I could see some of the hair coming off. It wasnt until i was in the shower exfoliating that alll of the hair came off (which j think really was just that the hair was sticking to my skin from the cream, not that it wasnt out of the follicle by then), I was so amazed.
    I will continue to exfoliate and moisturize the area in the hopes I do not get any ingrowns but I think youre more prone to them through waxing than hair removal bc you arent yanking the hair out of the follicle with the cream.
    Will update when the hair starts coming in but so far definitely a 10/10!!!
    Highly recommend! P.s. nooo smell whatsoever and the bottle is big enough to last you for a while!

  2. Meredith Welch

    I GOT this on a whim because I’m prone to breakouts and ingrowns in my inner thigh area.
    I was a little apprehensive because in my experience these hair removal creams cause me major chemical burns, but after thoroughly researching and almost settling for another brand I changed my mind because the price was right for this one.
    I know the general rule is to test a small area to check for a reaction but I was invited to a pool party and didn’t have time for that nonsense and just went in.
    Figured if it caused a burn that would be my out for the party, I hate socializing anyway.
    Much to my surprise this didn’t have a strong odor, and it didn’t burn at all. I even left it on for longer than the instructions said because I got distracted.
    I did my armpits, legs, intimate areas like the whole bits, butt, everything. I was excited that it hadn’t been burning so I mean I wanted to embody a naked mole rat.
    And boy did I after I washed this stuff off. I used an exfoliating wash rag which was probably a bad idea, but I figured heck I’m already up without the burns might as well exfoliate while I’m here and really smooth things out
    . I was so dang smooth water was just beading off me. I didn’t go to the pool party anyway because I was too busy experiencing life with no body hair.
    If you have sensitive skin this is the stuff for you. 10/10.

  3. Maggie M.

    Does not burn your skin!
    Removed hair from areas I wouldn’t go to with a razor. It doesn’t burn the skin like other products and it isn’t heavily scented. It’s a win. I wish they made a larger size though.

  4. Kelly Bradley

    Want Unwanted Hair Removed?
    This product works Great! No pain or irritability at all. It comes with a hair tool, but I was literally pulling the hair out of the follicule with ease. I also used a coarse loofa that worked well while taking a shower. 1st application removed 80 percent of the hair. Had to to do a 2nd application to get the rest of the hair I missed. I say the bottle comes with at least 25-30 applications.

  5. Audry Renae

    Works well
    Thank you for the item!!! I prefer hair remover over razor every time

  6. Marissa Marie

    This hair removal is the best I’ve ever used. I was very pleased it didn’t smell harsh or make you skin feel bad after using. It also works well on bikini line. I will purchase again.

  7. Md. Saifur Rahman

    I’m pregnant and can’t reach, this product worked!
    I was so surprised. Better than getting painfully waxed for the same smooth result at home. It took me about two applications to take everything off. Do wait the full 15 min. Does not burn, slight tingle. Downside is that it smells terrible.

  8. Evelyn

    I definitely like and recommended the Grocerism hair removal cream, it is Easy to apply and remove the product. IT is fantastic doesn’t itchy and the smell is not strong. My skin nice and soft.

  9. Dayana Baez

    Me parece una crema muy eficaz y funcional, fácil de usar y con un precio muy accesible 🥰 me encanta ♥️🥰

  10. Allison Schinstine

    Great product!
    Very easy to use much easier than shaving less hassle takes less than 10 minutes so can use it before work. I used it down below was very careful with it but no problems . Very pleased with it came on time dose what it ment to do.

  11. Karla Murillo

    Good product, a must for summer women. The smell is not so strong, and it is gentle to the skin, without too much irritation. It’s easy to use, especially before taking a shower.

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