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Foot Peel Mask With Honey (4 Pairs ), Exfoliating Foot Mask for Men & Women, Effective for Cracked Heels Repair, Removing Dead Skin and Callus & Dry Toe Skin, Size 10.5

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  • Baby Soft Smooth Feet】The honey foot peeling mask could moisturize your feet skin so that the foot horny can become silky smooth, cracked heels repair, Remove Dead Skin, Callus & Dry Toe Skin, let your feet easily bid farewell to the rough, give you the feel of baby’s feet.
  • Natural Ingredients】The gentle formula containing honey extract, tea tree extract, aloe vera extract is safe and can moisturize the skin without irritation and burning. Make your feet skin renew. Suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Safe and Effective】It has been tested to confirm that it is safe and effective on the skin of male and female feet. Mild and not irritating. It can help improve the skin problems of the feet in 1-2 weeks! 100% visible effect after use.
  • Easy To Use】The foot cover is designed to wrap the feet like socks so that the feet can absorb the essence in all directions. Take off the mask after 60 to 90 minutes (According to individual skin tolerance. ) Have a foot bath with warm water after 48 hours, for 20 minutes once a day.
  • Warm Tips】It’s normal your feet might be dry, hard or wrinkled after use, please don’t worry, it is caused by dead skin cells. You can use warm water to help your feet molt. Please do not use your hand to tear the skin, in case bleeding or infection happen. Newly grown skin is delicate and sensitive, it’s better to apply toner and moisturizer after using this product.


Size: 4 Count (Pack of 1)


12 reviews for Foot Peel Mask With Honey (4 Pairs ), Exfoliating Foot Mask for Men & Women, Effective for Cracked Heels Repair, Removing Dead Skin and Callus & Dry Toe Skin, Size 10.5

  1. Frank

    I’ve used this product for the second time. My feet are soft and smooth now, love it!

    My feet shedded like a snake! I’m happy with this awesome result!

    The brand I used to buy was out of stock for a while. So I have to choose another one. I was attracted to the honey Extrac and Jojoba oil in it. WOW! This works amazing! Even better and cheaper than the one I used before.

    So glad that I have chosen and tried it on. I’m so impressed with this!

    There are some Tips for help:
    -Soaking your feet before application. It helps on absorbing products and result.
    -Wearing socks while using foot mask, and when the peeling started (Dead skin wouldn’t mess up everywhere).
    -Soaking your feet once a day after using, which helps peeling process. (For me, peeling started on day 5 and completely ended on day 10)
    -Do not tear your skin when it hasn’t come off yet.

    My wife and I really enjoy using foot peeling mask together, and have already ordered another one! There are 4 pairs in a box, which is great as we both can use twice together.
    I think we repeat every 1.5 months or 2 months normally.

    Photos are taken as before, peeling, and after peeling. You definitely can see the difference between them.

    Do recommend it to you guys, you should try this amazing stuff.

  2. Igor Juliani

    Great! Leave your foot baby smooth
    Over the years I’ve tried a lot of foot mask, some that hasn’t work and other that left chemical burn. Which is not the experience I was looking for. However, I gave the honey Foot mask because Honey has great for unclogging bad pores and removing dead cells and that’s exactly what i’m looking forward too. It was smooth in texture, cooling to the skin, and i love the after results. It left my foot baby soft, its exactly what i wanted. Its the spa experience without leaving your home, Honestly I believe everyone should give it a try.

  3. Amanda

    Wow! These foot masks are amazing!
    The smell is pleasant and not overpowering like some others. Sometimes you might feel a little tingle. I noticed that’s where my ankle skin would get a little red (not as tough as the bottom of my feet) so I’m just careful to not let the mask touch that part of my ankle or to not go the full hour as suggested.

    The dead skin then sheds off in the shower or with a wet warm cloth. Be sure to be gentle with your feet afterwards and treat them nice with some lotion and socks to protect.

  4. Cindy Surprenant

    Just order this amazing product. The customer service is awesome, you guys definitely have to chart with them who will give surprises for you!

  5. Haley Echelmeier

    Great deal received from the livechat customer service, I got what I wanted, Grocerism thank you so much.

  6. Trinity

    This product has easy to follow instructions. I did not moisturize my feet before or during the peeling process so I would not bother the process. My feet never felt dry or cracked during this process. After the lizard-like peel was over , around 14 days, I began moisturizing my feet and at 17 days my feet look nice and soft. I enclosed a video here on Amazon. I’d recommend this product !

  7. Andrea

    Just purchased and look forward to seeing how my feet peel! I have purchased a similar product before and was happy with the results.

  8. TanyaO

    I have tried several different kinds of foot mask/peels that have not worked. This one worked with in two days. The dead/dry skin started to peel way.

  9. Maribel

    I really like it. It works and it’s affordable. The peel takes a while but it will peel by itself. Good 10/10

  10. Margarita

    Dislike the time you have to leave it on to long
    Like the results love the results 😍 fínele I purchase something that works

  11. Jolynn Rasmussen

    I wore it for 90 mins and a few days later it started peeling. Just keep your feet moisturize because of the itching

  12. nardett

    Love this foot peel. Within 24 hours, rough dry skin was coming off! Feet feel baby soft.

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