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Jade Roller, Gua Sha and Vitamin C Facial Essence Set, Natural Jade Skin Care Massage Facial Tools, for Anti-aging, Eliminate Eye Puffiness, Reduce Wrinkles and Dark Circles,Pack of 3

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  • Natural jade】 Gua Sha panel and jade roller are made of natural jade, with high-quality texture, smooth face, and very strong. The roller adopts noiseless design and will not make any noise, which will bring you a pleasant experience.
  • Reasonable match】 Jade is matched with natural vitamin C essence, suitable for any skin type, making skin care more effective and convenient.
  • Multi-purpose】 with two rollers, large and small, can be used on the face, neck, eyes, etc., it help relax the muscles of the whole body.
  • Advantages】 Massage tools can not only promote blood circulation, but also eliminate puffiness and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles.
  • Exquisite suit】 Our skin care tools include guasha panel,lade roller, facial serum, and delicate packaging, which can be used as a gift to family or friends.



7 reviews for Jade Roller, Gua Sha and Vitamin C Facial Essence Set, Natural Jade Skin Care Massage Facial Tools, for Anti-aging, Eliminate Eye Puffiness, Reduce Wrinkles and Dark Circles,Pack of 3

  1. Brittany B

    Since my last roller broke, I ordered this one so I can keep in the fridge for rapid cooling and depuffing of eyes in the mornings. I love how smooth the roller feels on my face and there is NO squeaky sounds like some cheap ones out there. I’m not a fan of the gua sha for actually strong scrapping, so I use it more for putting it in cold fridge and putting it under the eye bags.

    Ps. You do get an extra serum depending on the set you order – my green set came with a vitamin C serum which along with hyaluronic acid is great for hydration and helping with age spots. So far I have not noticed any difference quite yet with this serum, but I’ve liked that it is non greasy, it’s light, and it’s not irritating my skin. I’ve been using it daily after washing. Then after the serum, I apply moisturizer, then finally use the roller to help absorb everything.

    Overall, I think the kit is very nice and pleasant, and easy to use. The quality is pretty good as well. No issues with usage.

  2. Cindy L.

    Nice Face Massager Tools Gift Set. The natural Jade Roller and Gua Sha are very good tools for face and neck massage with essential oil. I had a jade roller before, but the metal part and jade handle were seperated after one month use. This jade roller looks more durable than my old one.

  3. April J

    This feels so great on your temple. The cold stone is great for relieving headaches as well as protecting against wrinkles. I love the whole set and think it would make a great gift!

  4. Emma S.

    If you don’t have this amazing combo, you’re definitely missing out!
    First time use and I could see the difference next day. I suggest to do it at night before bed on damp skin.
    Personally, I clean my face then I damp my face with witch VC and finally put on oil and Gua Sha time! Enjoy!

  5. Mary K

    I loved the added little crystal. what a nice addition. i will buy from this seller again – since they go above and beyond with little extras. Nice serum too.

  6. Monica Thayer

    I have quite literally never written a review before until I received this product.
    It truly is wonderful and I was worried about it not looking like the picture or living up to the high reviews that others have written and am happy to have been proven wrong.
    The roller itself comes on a thick and sturdy rose gold handle attached to the rose quartz rolling sections.
    The scraping tool (gua sha tool) is awesome and after rolling I followed the super easy instruction brochure it came with. I could instantly tell the difference: my skin was almost glowing and all of my facial features felt more relaxed.
    The instructions say to use on dry clean skin but I love using the YTP glow oil/kale spinach moisturizer with it for a more relaxing “sweep”.
    I registered for the one year free warranty and it did take me only a minute like it said. I looked around for quite a while but this one is definitely worth the purchase!

  7. Vanessa M.

    It came in this prefect little case , I just got it today ! (I’m at work) so I went to the restroom and rolled my face a little bit and it feels amazing , super cool feeling and my face feels activated if that makes sense .
    I’ll definitely use morning and night & right when I was looking for a facial mask brush !! Right on time it’s perfect ! Not squeaky or anything now I just need a serum

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