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Organic Foot Pads 200 PCS||Organic Natural Formula, For Foot Care, Can Improve Sleep Quality, Relieves Stress and Fatigue, Remove Foot Odor.

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  • 【Benefit】: The foot pads will warm your feet, which improves sleep quality and relieve stress. Apply this pads before sleep and you will find swelling on your soles, which removes waste and odor. It also improves immunity and health.
  • 【Easy to Use】: Step 1: open the sealed foot patch bag and remove the protective paper and stick to the soles of your feet. Stick before sleep; Step 2: take off when wake up in the morning. You can apply it during day when you are working, studying or travelling. Lasts for 6-8 hours to get the best results.
  • 【Natural Ingredients】: all of the ingredients come from nature– Bamboo vinegar powder, Bamboo charcoal, Wormwood extract, Shell protein powder, Lavender extract, Vitamin C etc.
  • 【Target People】: It is not only suitable for the people with cold feet, poor sleep quality, foot odor, but also good for the persons who always long-time standing and walking, the sub-healthy crowd, etc.
  • 【Wonderful Gift】: It is the best gift for your parents, husband, wife and the other families. Health is the most valuable gift than any other things.



6 reviews for Organic Foot Pads 200 PCS||Organic Natural Formula, For Foot Care, Can Improve Sleep Quality, Relieves Stress and Fatigue, Remove Foot Odor.

  1. Tanya J.

    They do just what they say! When I started using the pads when I removed them in the morning they were black and wet every morning. As you continue to use them they get clear and dry. We breath so much junk that we don’t realize. Start getting a healthier Body you will feel so much better!

  2. L. Moon

    My husband was really struggling with foot pain and he had a friend recommend these. He didn’t really think they would work but had nothing to lose because he was suffering every day. He has been using these nightly for a couple of weeks and he is almost pain-free. His feet don’t swell and turn red anymore and foot pain does not keep him up at night. Highly recommend you try them to see if they will work for you.

  3. Michael T.

    – Extremely effective (even for the most skeptical user)! I’ve used multiple different brands of this type of item and this is by far the most effective brand that I’ve used.
    – Extremely easy to use! In fact, the most tedious part is washing your feet before you use the foot pads.
    – The instructions are very clear and the usage chart is very easy to understand.
    – You should definitely wash your feet after you pull off the used foot pads.

  4. Elie G

    These are actually good. I bought these on impulse not really knowing what to expect, wow was i impressed, i started using these every night and by the SECOND night I was already noticing the difference.
    In the mornings i feel so refreshed and have more energy and at night i sleep soo nicely, i really like the product and will continue using them, definitely recommend 🙂

  5. Michelle Stewart

    Definitely worth a try!!
    I have never used this type of product before but will start now, I really like these foot pads. I don’t know exactly how it works but I woke up refreshed with no soreness, which I was expecting after the laborious day before. I will say there is a noticeable odor but only after use and it goes away after you wipe the residue from your feet. No noticeable odor during use though.

  6. Therese P.

    I will be the first to admit that I have more of an experience base with traditional medicine than alternate methods.
    I came across these foot pads, and suffering from foot discomfort due to surgery, restlessness during sleep and fatigue during the day, I gave these foot pads a try.
    As others have described, these are pretty gross when you take them off and as you’ll see from my photo, though the pads did not leak at all so no staining came through to my socks or to the bedding.
    My feet were clean prior to putting these on. And it wiped off easily upon removal. I historically do not like to wear socks to bed, but I followed instructions and did so.
    Truthfully, I was not expecting any results. The first time I wore them, I felt like there may have been a bit of subtle tingling beneath the pads, but I subsequently did not feel this.
    But I was pleasantly surprised upon waking that my foot pain seemed much less than usual. My sleep was restful on all occasions of wearing these and I felt that my energy level the next day was subjectively better. Don’t ask me to explain the mechanism of why bamboo vinegar and the other natural ingredients in these pads can have such an effect, but I am impressed.
    It’s definitely worth giving these a shot to improve the quality of sleep and overall energy.

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